Are you ready to pay "Sky-Rocketing Utility Bills"

Natural and Propane Gas prices have double and tripled over the last year. Electricity rates are starting to go up. You may not be able to beat the high prices of gasoline, but can sure out-wit the gas and electrical companies!


What can you do? Solar Geyser is the Answer?

Solar radiation is a free, clean and inexhaustible source of energy. In a split second the sun radiates more energy than was converted and stored by plants in fossil fuel over millions of years.

Using great new technology we can now convert solar radiation efficiently into a usable from of energy that heat water which we can use in our homes, factories and offices. The key is our new evacuated glass tube.

In China over 15 Million square meter of vacuum tube collectors are installed annually. Our company introducing first time in Pakistan a brand "Solar Geyser" and patented new techniques, designs and production methods that have helped to shape the solar thermal market.

In Pakistan solar market we are only the company to hire Chinese expert's and invest into costly quality control equipments. Our goal is to use the benefits of what is inexpensive in Pakistan and to produce with European equipment and technology.

We are providing a range of world-class and highly cost-effective solar water heating solutions that deliver major cuts in energy use AND greenhouse emissions! Think of the alternatives achieved with all the energy savings. The freedom to use your computer more often, browse sites such as or MCB, run the air conditioning a bit longer, or watch more of your favorite cricket team in action. Of course, reducing your overall energy footprint in itself is good achievement and a great feeling.

Solar Geyser provides hot water for Domestic & commercial use.

Solar Geyser has the greatest return on your investment and is the most efficient form of Solar Energy currently available. Solar Geyser is an affordable product and easy way to start reducing your utility bills.

Solar Geyser can be operated efficiently and affordable in any climate. Systems are specifically designed for various climatic and geographical areas of Pakistan.

By using Solar Geyser the demand will be reduced for fossil fuels, which will improve the environment by reducing air pollution as well as the heat-trapping gases that cause global warming.